A directory for families of disabled people in Quebec who are looking for respite care

Discover a directory that includes multiple organizations offering respite care for families of disabled people who want a little rest.

Easily accessible


Once they have signed up for a resource, families can find respite care for their child by using the "Portail Répit" mobile app.

Save Time

Stop Searching

It’s difficult to quickly find a respite resource when the need is complex or urgent. This directory allows you to find resources in one place.


Multiple Resources In One Place

With the participation of our partnering organizations, families will be able to find available places in different types of respite services, according to their needs.

You would like to find
respite services for your child?

This directory allows you to find a place according to your needs.

Your child’s age

Your region

The start and end dates you need

Type of respite needed

Group home, summer camp, specialized in-home respite, short-term or long-term respite, etc.

Your child’s disability type

Hearing impairment, mental or physical disability, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), etc.

Download the Portail Répit App

The respite directory allows families to find the respite services they need, in one place, based on their region of Quebec.