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Weekend Respite


Types of Disabilities: Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Age: 3-99 years

Availabilities: Open registration period



Weekend Respite

The Maisonnette

The Autisme Montreal respite house, opens its doors every weekend from September to June to the Autism clientele.

Number of children per weekend: 7 – 8

Ratio: 1 shadow for 1 child or 1 shadow for 2 children (if needed)

Age: All ages (Depending on the weekend group)


Schedule: From Friday evening 7:00PM after dinner to Sunday afternoon 4:00PM * before dinner

* It is important for you to be on time.
Penalties of $14 an hour will be charged for every delay.

Transportation: Parents provide transportation or make arrangements with paratransit


Summer respite


Types of Disabilities: Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Age: 3-99 years

Availabilities: Places available


*Summer respite

Number of children per weekend: 5

Schedule: From Saturday morning 10:00 AM  to Sunday afternoon 4:00PM  before dinner


Stay Fees:

call Joanie Marcoux

* Checks are made out to Autisme Montreal
* A receipt will be given after the stay

In case of cancellation : You must notify us at least 72 hours before the respite starts if your child cannot be there on the reserved weekend. Past that limit, penalties of $30 will be charged.

Summer Respite Service


Types of Disabilities: Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Age: 3-24 years

Availabilities: Open registration period


Summer Respite Service

This service welcomes people aged 3 to 24 years old with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). There are three sections, namely Bergamote (3 to 15 years old), Rock-Camp-Bol (14 to 24 years old) and Wasabi (severe behavior problems or special needs).

Daycare service is available for a fee of $14.00/hour (from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

Transport : The camp offers no transportation services. All transportation must be taken care of or organized by families or Adapted Transport. Families must also provide an OPUS card including 2 fares per day.

Fees : $ 30 annual membership fee to Autisme Montréal.

call Joanie Marcoux

The fees includes camp registration, activities and outings.

Because of the high demand for this service, we cannot accept any registrations by phone or individually. Therefore, it is mandatory that you respect the following procedures and dates to register your child. We wish to thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Eligibility criteria:

  • You must be a member of Autisme Montréal ($30/ year)
  • Your child must have ASD (autism spectrum disorder).
  • The child must live with his natural family.
  • You must live on the Montreal Island.
  • Please note that priority is given to the children who took part in the camp last summer.

Unfortunately, Autisme Montréal does not have the capacity to welcome all the new children who would like to attend the camp. It is therefore important that you consider the possibility of registering your child at other camps as well. You can find a list of camp who accept children with ASD by cliking on the document.

Holiday Respites


Types of Disabilities: Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Age: 3-99 years

Availabilities: No available places


Holiday Respites 

It is important to plan the holiday Season well! A total of 23 participants will attend the camp, with a shadow/participant ratio of 1 to 1.

Please note that for each camp, the cost includes lodging, food, activities and supervision.


Number of respite: 3

Place:  La Maisonnette

Number of places: 7 to 8

Menu: gluten and casein-free


Spring Break Camp


Types of Disabilities: Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Age: 4-21 years

Availabilities: No available places


Just like previous years, registrations will take place during the fall, so that families who were not able to obtain a place at our camp will be able to get organized and take all the necessary steps to find other services during that period.

Sixteen school-aged children and teenagers (4 to 21 years old) with an autism spectrum disorder will attend this spring break camp. They will have the opportunity to take part in various adapted activities prepared and reserved in advance by the coordinator and team of shadows. Please note that the camp fees include the activities and supervision necessary for each participant and as always, our team will supervise the participants in a 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 ratio, depending on their needs.

SCHEDULE:  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Shadowing and babysitting


Types of Disabilities: Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Age: 1-99 years

Availabilities: On demand


Shadowing and babysitting

Autisme Montréal has decided to offer shadowing and babysitting services in order to give respite to parents while allowing children living with autism or pervasive developmental disorders to develop their skills, go on outings, have fun, and make friends. Clients must live in the Greater Montreal area and be members of Autisme Montréal ($30/year).


Autisme Montréal is recruiting shadows to refer them to families who are in need of a shadow or babysitter.  This reference process allows you to save time and benefit from quality services.

Several types of requests can be addressed to us, depending on your needs:  babysitting, help with homeworks, stimulation, socialization, integration in a regular setting, ABA, etc. However, the shadows referred must stay within their field of competence and offer you a support directly related to your child.

Who are our shadows

Our shadows have been selected with care after a rigorous interview process and a verification of their judicial record at the court-house. They all show a particular interest for this type of clientele and many of them have relevant experience and/or studies.

Each of our shadows receives a basic training given by Autisme Montréal (clientele, approach, interventions, etc.). Also, they can take part in workshops offered by Autisme Montréal to work on their skills.

Parents have the right to ask for the resume of the shadow we are referring (if requested with the person responsible for the file or directly with the shadow).

Oshadows are given a card demonstrating their affiliation with Autisme Montréal and allowing their identification with families and others, if need be.

Note : Our shadows are not professionals with a degree and they do not necessarily know all the different approaches used with regards to autism.

How to make a shadowing request?

To register, the family must contact our Community Worker, Marie-Claude Barbier, at 514-524-6114, extension 3162.

You have to specify your needs in the request (days, requested hours, type of desired services). The parents will have to give some information about their child and the family when they register.

We will then send you, either by mail or email, a document entitled “Child’s profile” that must be completed and returned to us as soon as possible so that we can finalize your registration and give the shadow relevant information regarding your child.

We strongly suggest you make a request at least two weeks or more in advance to help us find someone that fits your needs.

Also, we ask parents to notify us if they wish to cancel their request, either because they found someone else or the request is not necessary anymore.

Please note that Autisme Montréal is solely an intermediary between parents and shadows. We contact the shadows to check on their availability and interest and they, in turn, phone the families. We suggest the families contact us after the first contract to give us their comments.

Shadowing Cost minimum salary at 12$ and more

Except for certain situations and previously-made agreements with particular organisations (CLSC and others), the shadowing has to be paid in full by the parents:

the recommended rate is between  $10,55 and $12/hour
a minimum of three hours is mandatory (even if you need the shadow for less than that period of time, you still have to pay for three hours) .
Outing expenses for both the shadow and the child must also be paid by the families.


Should they be unsatisfied with the service provided, the parents can make a complaint to the person in charge. The parents must also to notify us if the shadow-child pairing isn’t working out. There is no need to be uncomfortable in this situation, since it does not necessarily mean that the shadow is incompetent, but rather that the paring if not optimal.

Ethics for parents using the shadowing/babysitting service

Call as soon as possible to make a request, namely between 15 days and one month in advance, which is considered reasonable.
Inform Autisme Montréal about any changes in your contact information and make sure that everything is up-to-date.
Contact us should you wish to cancel your shadowing request, either because you have already found someone or do not need this service anymore.
Contact the person responsible for the service if you experience difficulties with the shadow.
Pay the shadow according to the preliminary agreement and the criteria established by the person in charge of the file ( minimum salaryand three consecutive hours).
If possible, please do not cancel your request less than 24 hours in advance (except in case of an emergency) and to do so, please contact the shadow directly or call us.


Membership Info:

Become a Member

Your membership with us will be much more valuable than the simple question of a membership fee.

Being a member means:

Adhering to our cause: advocacy of the autistic person’s right and interests and those of their families
Demonstrating, by the quantity of our members, the importance of the requests for services and support for the children, teenagers and adults with autism/PDD as well as their families;
Assisting, by your support, those who defend the cause of autism/PDD;
Contributing to the organization of specific services for our clientele;
Providing respite to the families of persons with autism/PDD;
On a more concrete level, it is:
Receiving the infolettre;
Being the first informed of the various direct services offered by Autisme Montréal (day camps, respite, swimming lessons, etc.);
Being the first informed of the workshops, conferences and the international medical conference organized by Autisme Montréal;
Receiving “L’Express” the Quebec Federation for Autism and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders (FQATED) newsletter.
If you wish to receive direct services from Autisme Montréal’s services, you must now be a member of the association. The price for one year of membership is 30$. Your membership also helps us when we are lobbying the public instituations by showing the number of people affected by autism and who believe in the work done by Autisme Montréal.

In summary, membership with us means joining a larger family who believes in the well-being of persons with autism and their families.

Eligibility Criteria:

Description of Services Offered:

Our Services

Because the PDD clientele was all but forgotten by the government and had little or no appropriate services, Autisme Montréal developed their own services to fill the parents’ urgent needs and ease the suffering of the people living with autism and their families who had been abandoned by all.

In the last five years, a rapid increase in demand has forced Autisme Montréal to offer more direct services and hire more staff.

 Autisme Montréal now has 10 permanent employees and 200 external employees working on direct services.

To fill all the different needs, Autisme Montréal is comprised of two main sectors: advocacy and direct services.

The association offers the following services in the advocacy sector:

  • Support and help service;
  • A support group for people living with ASD without intelectual delay Syndrome and their families;
  • The development and management of the «À l’emploi» and «INSPIRAtion» experimentation projects;
  • Conferences and training sessions;
  • The search for new funding for daily operations and the establishment of new projects.

Autisme Montréal’s direct services are:

  • A documentation centre that loans books and videos and sells documents for the price of the photocopies;
  • A babysitting/shadowing service;
  • A weekend respite service at La Maisonnette;
  • Group outings for people living with ASD without intelectual delay;
  • Summer day camps for children, teenagers and adults;
  • Residential camps during school breaks;
  • Specialised swimming lessons;
  • A Christmas party

About the organization


The first board of directors of the Montreal Chapter was elected during the first general assembly, which was held on September 21st, 1981. This board was made of parents who wanted to give their time and efforts to further the cause of autism. They started by making themselves known to the health and social services network as well as the general public. They also did outreach to parents who were experiencing similar difficulties by lending them a sympathetic ear and sharing their own experiences. Supporting families has always remained a priority for the boarsd that followed.

Over the years, the Chapter became involved in different issues concerning the well-being of children with autism: leisure activities, educational services, health services, and respite services for parents.

The Chapter has also grown quite a bit over the years. The first board meetings were held in the members’ kitchens. Since 1989, the Chapter has had permanent offices and benefits greatly from the contribution of the general director and her dynamic team of employees.

Thanks to everyone who gave a little bit or a lot of their time and energy to the Chapter.

Long live the Montreal Chapter!

Autisme Montréal primary mandate is:

To advocate for the rights and interests of people with autism and those of their families;
To promote and to sensitize the health, education, research communities, and the general population, to the needs of people with autism;
To develop direct services to answer the needs of people with autism and their families.


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