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Respite with overnight stays

January 1, 2005 to January 1, 2050

Types of Disabilities: Physical disability, Plurihandicap, Polyhandicap, Global development delay, Other

Age: 0-29 years

Availabilities: No available places


 the children benefit from many activities during their stay, such as help regarding their overall mobility development, stretchings, adapted games, animations, and outdoor activities. For each child who come to the Respite Service, we create personalized document with life habits, computer games, arts, music, and sensorial preferences.

Any polyhandicap child between the ages of 0 and 29, a resident of Quebec and whose care can be delegated. Centre Philou accepts children with gastrostomies, tracheotomies, epilepsy, children with sleep disorders and those who require special care.

Respite service is offered for a minimum of 24 hours which can go up to 3 weeks, according disponibilities.

École Philou / Alternative education program


Types of Disabilities: Auditory deficiency, Mental disability, Physical disability, Sensory impairment, Visual impairment, Plurihandicap, Polyhandicap, Global development delay, Other

Age: 21-29 years

Availabilities: Places available


École Philou is a private and free school in partnership with the Centre de ressources éducatives et pédagogiques (CREP) of the Ministry of Education.

The program focuses on personalized educative activities. Polyimpaired young adults receive continuous development services, all integrated in one place. Services of “scholar” education, and daily life, motor and cognitive development and hygiene care are delivered in-house thanks to educators. This program also allows parents to return on the labour market and to have a blossoming family life.

An interdisciplinary and individualized approach is favoured, at the opposite of a multidisciplinary approach for groups. The care is centered on functional aspects and on the priorities accorded to the quality of life, social participation, and day-to-day autonomy, rather than on skills, abilities, education and qualifications. Safran’s approach answer to global and specific needs of the student by recognizing the interaction between his or her health and level of development. Even though the needs for rehabilitation and education are necessary, they are more situated in a social development and in the quality of life. It is specific objectives, measurable, and applicable in activities in the everyday life that are prioritized : the goal is to improve the young’s life quality, as well as his or her entourage.

Summer day camp


Types of Disabilities: Physical disability, Plurihandicap, Polyhandicap, Global development delay, Other

Age: 5-25 years

Availabilities: No available places


The summer camp allows children to enjoy unique and tailored experiences, while receiving special care. Children take part in numerous outdoor activities in addition to daily activities such as crafting, music, and sensorial stimulation. Each child is taken care by an educator (1:1 ratio) trained for their specific care and stimulation needs. The camp operates for 8 weeks, from the end of June to the end of August, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. You can register your child for a maximum of 3 weeks, consecutive or not. 

Children from 5 to 25 years-old, Quebec residents, with multiple disabilities, and whose care can be delegated are eligible. Centre Philou accepts children with gastrostomy, and tracheotomy; who are epileptic or having trouble to sleep; as well as those who require special care.


Eligibility Criteria:

Any polyhandicapped child aged 0 to 29, resident of Quebec and whose care may be delegated. The Philou Center accepts children with gastrostomies, tracheotomies, epilepsy, children with sleep disorders and those who require special care.

Description of Services Offered:

The Centre Philou focuses on prevention with families to reduce the tensions related to living with a disabled child. The Center does not just keep the children for a few days, it welcomes them in a home designed for them where they are pampered, loved and understood. For parents, Center Philou is a place of trust so they can relax. Made up of educators and trained volunteers, the first quality of the respite service staff is respect for children, to which are added patience, dedication, understanding, energy, thoroughness, good mood and the pleasure of playing.

Although respite is mainly considered as a "parent-friendly" service so that they can catch their breath, the child benefits from activities during their stay combining development and gross motor assistance, stretching , adapted games, animations and exits. For each child who attends respite care, we create personalized cards for lifestyle habits, computer games, arts and music, and sensory preferences.

About the organization

Founded in 2005 by Diane Chênevert and Sylvain Brosseau, parents of Philippe - born in 2000 and suffering from severe cerebral palsy - Centre Philou is located in Montreal's Outremont / Côte-des-Neiges district, near the University of Montreal campus and minutes from Sainte-Justine Hospital and Montreal Children's Hospital.

Open every day of the week, 24 hours a day and all year round, the Center can receive, in a safe and welcoming environment, up to 7 children at a time for stays ranging from 2 days to 3 weeks. Instructors and staff take care of young people, while ensuring their well-being and encouraging their motor, cognitive and sensory development. Five specialized rooms allow children to have fun while developing their skills. For example, as part of Safran alternative school, a personalized program is designed for each child based on their abilities. Children can benefit from the multisensory room, the motor development room, the communications laboratory, and the arts and music room.


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