What is respite care?

Respite provides a way for families caring for a child with disabilities to rest, by entrusting them to a third party, whether at home or outside the home, whether for a short time or a longer time, and can take various forms: short stay, leisure day, multi-day stays for holidays, evenings, etc. Not all parents need the same kind of respite care, but they all need it in some form or another…

Families caring for children with disabilities are confronted with the necessity of organizing an accompaniment at all times, whether it be for travel, appointments, medical care, meals and recreational activities. Dealing with a person with a disability daily, can sometimes be a challenge. Respite care becomes a breath of fresh air that allows parents to keep a balanced social life, to have the opportunity to indulge in a hobby, take care of another sibling, spending time as a couple or simply to rest. This also avoids long term placement of the disabled person due to exhaustion of the parent.

Respite care must be part of the family schedule like other appointments would. These periods are beneficial for parents, but also for the disabled child. For the latter, respite care can be an unforgettable and rewarding experience allowing him to live new experiences with people other than his parents.


Easily accessible


This directory is a tool for families who need to find, in real time, a respite care for their child. This tool offers visibility to organizations offering respite care and provides a way for families who want a little rest to find it.


Save time


It is difficult to quickly find a respite resource when the need is complex or urgent. This respite directory allows families to find the respite services they need in one place.




With the participation of our partnering organizations, families will be able to find places in group homes, in-home respite, out-of-home respite, day camp and summer camps, etc.