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Joliette (Quebec) J6E 5K6

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Services of respite, caretaking and temporary accommodation


Types of Disabilities: Auditory deficiency, Mental disability, Physical disability, Sensory impairment, Visual impairment, Plurihandicap, Polyhandicap, Global development delay, Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Age: 5-65 years

Availabilities: Places available


The types of services are:
  • Respite is available 5 days a week.
  • Caretaking is available wenesday to friday.
  • Respite with bedtime are offered to thursday to sunday.


Membership Info:

To become a member and benefit from the services, you must:1 129 / 5 000

Résultats de traduction

  • Contact the resource to describe the partial profile of the person, mainly on the care needed and the type of behavior.

  • Depending on the family's interest, schedule a site visit with or without the person with a disability. Plan a meeting* of approximately 1h30 to take all the information necessary to accompany the person and visit the house.

  • Schedule evaluation periods. For a minimum of 3 hours to 24 hours, including a meal period, the person is in babysitting or stay mode in order to assess the type of support to consider considering the information received and their new environment.

  • Following the evaluation, a confirmation of the type of support makes it possible to validate or not the admission to the services and specifies the type of category associated with the costs of the various services.

  • The membership fee ($50)* is charged when the family submits the first service request. Subsequently, it will be claimed annually during renewal, in April of each year.




Eligibility Criteria:

To submit for a membership application, the requirements are:
  • Residing in the region of Lanaudière.
  • The handicapped person is aged between 5 and 65 years old.
  • Living with an intellectual disability and/or physical deficiency and or  autisme spectrum disorder (ASD, TBI, Trisomy).
  • Not demonstrating aggression or behavioural issues that could impair the safety of the service users or the employees.
  • Not demonstrating behavioural issues that would call for repetitive and punitive interventions, no self-control or no experience with time-outs.
  • Not requiring observation or care with the aim of assessing a medical condition or avoiding a risk related to the medical condition.

Description of Services Offered:

La Maison Clémentine is an organization established in April 1997 thanks to the initiative of l'Association de parents d'enfant trisomique de Lanaudière (APETL). By means of a donation from the Club Richelieu de Joliette, the house was purchased and arranged with pride.

Our goal is to offer a chance to the individual dealing with an intellectual disability and/or physical deficiency of experiencing community life and letting their family enjoy significant periods of rest. Those respites allow reassurance and spare the families physical and emotional exhaustion. It also gives the handicapped person the opportunity of staying in his natural living environment as long as possible.

The resource welcomes people with light to heavy restrictions in a homelike, energetic, adapted and safe atmosphere.

Currently, the services for people with specific and complex needs are limited due to financial reasons. We are in the process of receiving financing that would allow us to offer the different services without any restriction.


Other Details:

The care:

The basic care is the administration of medication and complete hygiene care. When someone requires specific care such as feeding tubes, a follow-up on severe epilepsy, insulin injection with an insulin pen, severe allergy procedure, etc., those needs must be evaluated and approved by the executive board. The treatments are provided by our caregiving staff in accordance with the norms stipulated by Law 90.

The caregiving ratios and categories:

There are 4 types of categories for the type of care to consider:

  • "A" indicates that the care provided to the service user is partial
  • "B" indicates that the care provided to the service user is continuous.
  • 1x1 indicates that the care provided to the service user is continuously assured by a caregiver.

The regular caregiving ratio is one caregiver for 3 or 4 users belonging to categories A, B. 

The caregiving ratio for the category 1x1 is one caregiver that continuously looks after the user during his stay, except during nighttime.

Sensorial room:

A sensorial room is available to our staff so as to offer proximity care to the user. This care aims to provide well-being, enjoyment and fulfilment; it must not be used for therapeutic purposes.

The room contains a ball pool, a water wall, ambient lights, an adapted swing, devices for musical awakening and various tools for stimulation.

A section may be reserved to our users living with traumatic brain injury or light physical limitations; the person must also be considerably autonomous.

Even though the person may be autonomous to a certain extent, the staff is in charge of managing and handing out meals and medication.

Physical locations:

The locations are completely adapted and safe. The rooms are furnished with hospital-type adapted beds, movable patient lifts (2), a bathroom equipped with a patient lift on rails connected to the ceiling and an elevator to access the upper floor.

About the organization

A bit of history...

Do you know why La Corporation Répit-Dépannage de Lanaudière chose the name "La Maison Clémentine"?

During its foundation in April 1997, l'Association de parents d'enfant trisomique 21 de Lanaudière acquired the building located at 159 Lajoie Street in Joliette, whose owner was Ms. Clémentine Martin.  Ms. Clémentine Martin was known in her area for her numerous involvements in her community and she had wished that her property would contribute to the well-being of the Lanaudière community.

In this way, in honour of this great lady, La Corporation Répit-Dépannage de Lanaudière chose the name "La Maison Clémentine".

Since then, the resource has significantly evolved close to families dealing with intellectual disability and physical deficiency. La Maison Clémentine is an outstanding living space and a vital resource for many.

La Maison Clémentine has been a pioneer with its commitments throughout the years. The variety of services and the extent of availability for short-term or long-term stays to satisfy our multiple users allow the resource to distinguish itself as a comprehensive service, unique in the region of Lanaudière.

Our team include a group of caregivers that guarantee the accompanying, the entertainment and the care to our users. Coordination also contributes to the proper functioning, in collaboration with the administration. The caregivers operate with finesse and keenness in order to generate smiles and happiness.

Some statistics:

  • 26% of our clientele is 18 years old or less and 74% more than 18.
  • 46% is female and 54% is male.
  • More than 1300 requests for service are submitted every year.
  • 95% are users from categories A, B and 5% for the categorie 1x1.
  • 85% of our members are natural families and 15% are intermediate and family-type resources.


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