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Custom twinning service


Types of Disabilities: Mental disability, Physical disability, Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Age: 0-99 years

Availabilities: Places available


The L'Accalmie project is a personalized twinning service offered to the natural families of the city of Lévis, Bellechasse and Lotbinière, requiring caregiving / supervision / accompaniment for a family member of all ages living with an intellectual disability, physical impairment or autism spectrum disorder.


Membership Info:

Free service

The person in charge makes the reference of a companion for free. A registration form for the accompanied person must be completed to begin the process.

Eligibility Criteria:

Customers from 0 to 99 years.

Service offered to natural families living in the territory of Lévis, Bellechasse, Nouvelle-Beauce or Lotbinière, living with a person with an intellectual disability, physical impairment or autism spectrum disorder.

Description of Services Offered:

Custom matching service, so that is according to your needs.

Customized matching fits your needs. This consists of respite for you, guarding at your home, accompaniment for outings, an appointment or leisure activities.
For example, this may be an accompanying outing for a swimming lesson, an outing at the cinema or at the mall.
It can be home care if you have a medical appointment, an evening with friends or to allow you to carry out the household chores.
Depending on the availability of accompanying persons, this can be a one-time or temporary accompaniment, but also regular.
Guarding can consist of accompaniment for a period of several days, as for a trip.
Each accompanist recommended to you has no judicial record.
Several candidates either carry out studies in the social field or have carried out studies related to the field of health or the helping relationship.
It is an agreement by mutual agreement between you and the companion. You must therefore communicate together about the times, frequencies, conditions of the guarding and the payment terms. Thus, you will benefit from more time for you and as a result, you improve work-life balance.


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