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Membership Info:

In order to enroll in the SAM Program, you must...

1. Contact the Coordinator 

2. Fill out the two forms that will be sent to you by the coordinator

3. Provide a sample cheque 

4. Meet membership criteria and respect your commitment

Eligibility Criteria:

The SAM Program is reserved for...

- Families residing in the centre-du-Québec region

- Parents and caregivers

- Natural family residing at the same address as the disabled person

- People with disabilities with a diagnosis of intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder and/or physical disability (or be exploring)

- Disabled people of all ages (0-100 years old)

Description of Services Offered:

Personalized matching program between a family, a disabled person and a SAMI (caretaker) at home to meet the needs in terms of respite and to ensure that a quality service is offered. 

Other Details:

SAMIs that are sent to your home are...

- People with an interest, motivation and personal qualities to take care of vulnerable people

- People who have been certified following a 5-hour in-house training (theoretical and practical)

- People who are ready to go to your home

- People 18 years of age and older

- People without a criminal record

About the organization

The Regroupement des organismes pour personnes handicapées du Centre-du-Québec brings together nearly 35 organizations working directly with people with disabilities and their families.

The main mission of the group is the collective defense of the rights of people with disabilities.

The group initiates, collaborates or supports concerted and partnership initiatives that improve the living conditions of people with disabilities and their families.



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